We create world-class products for the best brands on the planet

Bontouch is an award-winning product innovation agency. We have all skills required for modern digital product development, including strategy, design, development and maintenance.

We specialize in analog-to-digital experiences, using digital technologies to reduce friction in the real world. Built as a product startup, we offer a unique long-term engagement model to our brand partners and become their software startup as-a-service.

By adding software as a “layer” on top of physical goods and services, we help our clients to transform their customer experience, to significantly increase their rate of innovation, and to create sustainable differentiation in completely new areas.

Taxi Stockholm
Swedish Railways (SJ)
Attire by Looklet

We help our brand partners build a successful
software business on top of their existing analog business

Most of our brand partners are successful companies in traditional industries like finance, transportation, healthcare and consumer goods. They all have some sort of physical product or service and want to use software to meet the threat from disruptive startups.

We invest heavily in R&D in areas such as computer vision, sensor fusion and augmented reality. We license this intellectual property to partners, allowing us to speed up development, reduce cost, and craft state-of-the-art digital user experiences.

Stockholm, London, Kalmar,
Åre Östersund, and New York

We have five digital innovation studios with domestic consumer market
expertise in United States, United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

Your voice partner

Voice is quickly becoming an important interface for interacting with connected devices. We help brands and companies navigate the new voice era.

Our partners buy a subscription and get
“their own” software startup

Flexible plans

100% predictable monthly cost, and flexibility in increasing or reducing allocation and cost every month or quarter.

Repeatable success

Proven track record in creating and launching successful consumer software products globally for Tier-1 brands.

Insights and experience

Analytics and business intelligence derived from 50M+ users of Bontouch products worldwide, in multiple product categories such as banking, transportation, productivity, etc.

International reach

Five digital innovation studios with domestic consumer market expertise in the United States, United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

The right skills at the right time

Access to the best designers and engineers in the industry in a way that is almost impossible with ordinary contractors. One flat rate for all skills. Responsibility instead of hours.

Real-world pro-active testing reach

Test labs with hundreds of iOS and Android devices, voice assistants, wearables and smart home gear, including all big manufacturers in every major market targeted by Bontouch partners.

“For repeatedly taking on projects that affect us all through the public service they
provide; and for not only creating simple and reliable products, but with playful
exuberance and meticulous attention to detail crafting delightful experiences
that bring joy to consumers.

Designer of the Year at Swedish Design Awards

Pay it forward

We all have a responsibility to help effect positive change around the world. We are proud to be able to support a number of organizations and initiatives.

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