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Exceptional products
for everyday life

Our products are part of everyday life for millions of people around the world. From a first-time mother buying a used stroller with Swish to a designer digitizing hundreds of Post-it® Notes in a split second. We try to solve real needs for the benefit of everyone.

Being part of people’s life is a privilege. And a responsibility. In our home market of Sweden, close to 100% of the adult population use one or several of the apps we create with our brand partners. We are part of the fabric of society and how we shoulder that responsibility matters.

We are a diverse team of hundred designers,
engineers and entrepreneurs spread across our five
studios in Sweden, London and New York

Let you be you

As important as it is to pull in the same direction, it must never come at the expense of failing to recognize that we all have different needs. The first step toward building products for everyone is to make room for everyone.

Inspire, and be inspired

One of the best things in life is to spend time with other talented people who make you want to do your best work. Better yet, to make them feel that way about you.

Share your interests

Passion is a beautiful thing, and many of us like to share it. Some of us love nature, others can’t stand it. Some are DJs, others love knitting. Chances are you will make a lot of new likeminded friends. Especially if you are into Yatzy.

Pick our brains

Knowledge sharing is perhaps a more tasteful phrase to sum up our Friday demos, code camps and breakfast lectures. We do everything from concept to production to maintenance—the opportunities to learn from others are plentiful. No brains are harmed in the process.

Seasoned professionals, look no further

Need a new challenge or simply tired of arbitrary deadlines and quantity over quality?
If you already do great work but wish your workplace was a little bit more agile and trusting,
we think you will be happy here. And if you miss the days when you still learned a lot from
your co-workers, we know you will.

We just opened two new studios

Passion at work is key. And so is passion outside of work. It’s a balance.
For some people, finding that balance is easier outside of the big cities. Therefore we
are opening up brand new studios in Åre Östersund and Kalmar.

Take a look and see what fits your passion

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Feel free to drop us a line and say hello. We love meeting new people, and you never
know when we might need someone just like you.