Åre | Östersund

Passion is the key to our success. From initial ideas through to design and development,
passion is what drives those of us at Bontouch to create amazing products.
But passion goes beyond our everyday work.

Some people dream of doing things that the big cities can’t offer and even though we
have weekends and holidays to indulge those dreams, we wanted more.
Which is why, for our next studio, we believe Åre Östersund is the ideal home.

Something new

With world-class digital product development for brands like Post-it®, SJ and SkiStar we are planning to bring something quite special to the region, an active lifestyle with cutting edge software innovation.

Have a big impact

As with every other studio we’ve opened, we’ll start with a small team dedicated to creating an environment where outstanding products can grow, and where outstanding people want to work. Join early and you’ll have a significant impact on the future.

What fits your passion?

We are currently looking for problem solvers with a passion for mobile development,
conversational services, machine learning or computer vision technologies. If you like
being part of a smaller team in growing global organization, defining your own role
description and creating great products, then this is a workplace that would fit you well.

Feel free to send us an email
at any time.