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Our 80 designers and engineers are the best innovators and artists in the industry. We serve our clients in Europe, North America and China from three studios in Stockholm, New York and London.

Open Positions

Bontouch is a great place to work. We create wonderful products together with fantastic brands. We do hard things, and require skilled people. Apply today.

Mobile Developer

You have just graduated with honors and want to join a like-minded team.

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Senior Developer

You love a challenge. Even if you have to check the compiler’s assembly code.

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Senior iOS Developer

You live and breathe Xcode and Objective-C. And Swift if you are lucky.

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Senior Android Developer

You are passionate about all the things that are only possible on Android.

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UI Artist / Graphic Designer

A sharp digital designer with attention to details and a creative mind.

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UX Designer

You eat wireframes and mockups for breakfast. And lunch too.

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The link between our clients and the development projects.

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Mobile App Tester

Make sure that all users get the best experience possible.

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Acceleration Program

The LevelUp program: three months of exquisite talent nurturing for our newly hired employees.

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Master’s Thesis

Every semester we invite five bright Master’s Thesis students to Bontouch Labs. Secure your slot today.

Android - Java vs C++

Investigating performance and utility when writing parts of an Android application with C++.

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Doze - Battery vs User experience

Examining how to balance user experience and battery life when operating under the new Android Doze mode.

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In travel mode

How can we accurately determine if a user has entered a specific, moving vehicle using different hardware sensors.

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Whitelines - Revamp after 5 years of evolution

How can new image processing methodology and hardware be applied to improve the Whitelines scanner engine.

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Voice control in everyday life

Comparing the strengths and weaknesses of the biggest voice controlled personal assistants in the industry.

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Bots - are they here to take over?

Study the behaviours and emotions of users interacting with chat bots.

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Virtual Reality - good for something else than games?

Examine whether virtual reality can be used to enhance real world utility.

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App navigation

Compare popular solutions to regular app navigation, as well as interaction patterns to explain non-obvious features.

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Your Own Idea

Could be anything, be creative!

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