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“For repeatedly taking on projects that affect us all through the public service they provide; and for not only creating simple and reliable products, but with playful exuberance and meticulous attention to detail crafting delightful experiences that bring joy to consumers.”


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We have always dreamed of doing great work that inspires millions of people every day. Today, the products we help create are used by 50 million people in 196 countries.

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Our 100+ designers and engineers are the best innovators and artists in the industry. We serve our clients in Europe, North America and China from three studios in Stockholm, New York and London.

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Moving great ideas forward – from start to finish.

For over 30 years, the Post-it® Note from 3M has been the ideation tool of choice for millions of creative professionals.

The new Post-it® Plus App from 3M is a first-of-its-kind digital collaboration tool that allows you to capture and enhance entire boards of handwritten Post-it® Notes all at once and organize, refine and share them. Keep the momentum going in your collaboration sessions by taking the Post-it® Notes experience seamlessly from analog to digital.

For more information, visit Post-it® is a registered trademark of 3M Company.

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Swedish Railways (SJ)

Buy tickets and ride the train with your phone

More than 100,000 people travel with SJ every day and with the new app their journeys are smoother than ever.

Buy all-digital tickets instantly inside the app, with up-to-date traffic status throughout your journey. And if you own an Apple Watch, you have all the info you need straight from your wrist.

The app is available for iOS, watchOS and Android.


The Nordic Postal Service app is the leader of the pack in next generation shipment tracking.

Packages are automatically added to the app when users order from online retailers that ship with PostNord. No need to worry about complicated shipment IDs or when tracking info becomes available. The app notifies you when the item is ready for pickup and even reminds you when you are nearby the delivery point.

Completing the all-around digital transformation of shipment tracking, PostNord apps are available for consumers, businesses, post office retail staff and postal truck drivers.


By Truecaller

Truedialer is a smart phone dialer unlike any other! Replace your old, slow and boring dialer for the quickest and most convenient way to find your contacts. This dialer uses a simple and easy to use numeric pad to help find numbers within your phonebook, and beyond your phonebook with Truecaller integration.

Truedialer gives you instant access to relevant information about people you are about to call, and fill in your call log with missing contact information. And the best part? It’s completely FREE!

Truedialer is brought to you by the Truecaller Team! More than 100M people around the world use Truecaller to help manage their contacts and calls, with millions more joining each month.

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Never far away from your banking services

With SEB in your mobile you are never far away from your banking services. Monitor stocks and funds, drag and drop money between your accounts and pay using OCR scanning. You can also quickly find the nearest branch office, and even see how many people are in line (at selected offices).

SEB is available for both iOS and Android, including version optimized for tablet use.

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Taxi Stockholm

Stockholm’s leading taxi service at your fingertips

Taxi Stockholm is the premier cab company for a safe and personalized service with environment friendly cars and exceptionally knowledgeable drivers.

The Taxi Stockholm app lets you book your trip quickly and easily, choosing regular, premium, or large taxis, with or without extras such as a child seat or room for your dog.

You can also choose to travel for a fixed or metered price, and pay with your card in the app, via invoice through your taxi account, or directly to the driver in the car.

On iOS you can even book your trip with voice through Siri or directly from the Apple Maps application.


Sweden’s most popular internet speed test

The Bredbandskollen app lets you do the same ranking as on, but directly from your iOS or Android device.

If you use mobile broadband, you are also anonymously sharing your data with others, and you can see others results in your surroundings. This makes it easy to find out internet speed on places where you are not located.

Bredbandskollen is a consumer tool to help broadband customers evaluate their connection. Bredbandskollen is also avaliable as a tool for your desktop och laptop computer on


Eurocard has the perfect companion app

A credit card is personal. Just like an app. You keep it with you at all times and depend upon it to handle almost any situation.

Eurocard is perfect credit card companion app. It is there for you whether you want to check your balance, see your latest transactions or lookup the terms of your travel insurance.

Version 1.0 of the Eurocard app was successfully released for iOS and Android during spring 2013.


China's most inspired and most inspiring community

There is a growing generation of affluent urban trendsetters in China who love to share their unique lifestyle, fashion and taste. The P1 app is a key driver for one of China’s most inspiring community that address the needs of these metropolitans.

Based in Beijing, the Chinese startup is an impressive social network with over 1.5 million users.

Using the P1 app for iOS and Android, users can share pictures enhanced with unique filters, follow designers, artists, foodies and people with a passion for fashion, and explore images by popularity and tags.

Tantan 探探

Meet interesting people around you

The online dating market in China is growing rapidly. Tantan challenges the market and brings a fresh approach compared to the competition. The app helps the users to avoid the awkwardness of sending messages to unqualified contacts. Instead the two potential users in a match first both need to approve each other before they start communicating.

Launched by a Beijing based startup in mid 2014, the app’s user base has been growing rapidly and spread across the major cities of China.

Using the Tantan app for iOS and Android, love seekers can look for nearby singles, chat, share pictures and short videos, as well as read about their interests, personality and more.

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Improving your working environment

IA is the abbreviation for “Informationssystem om Arbetsmiljö”, which is Swedish for “Occupational health and safety information systems”.

AFA Insurances goal with IA is to reduce occupational injuries. With the IA-app, an employee can effortless register an occurrence. Add pictures of the observation, fill in the applicable information and send it to the backend system. The app also supports safety observations and checklists. Systematic improvement of the working environment have never been easier.

AFA Insurance is an organisation owned by Sweden’s labour market parties, covering more than four million people.

The app is localized to English, Swedish, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish.


The analog way to stay connected

Whitelines® Link is a happy combo of physical and digital notes. You could call it a clever scanner app that in combination with Whitelines® Link paper makes it super easy to capture, save and share your notes.

The basic idea is to let the app and the paper actually see each other and let the rest happen automatically. Make sure the four corner markers are visible on the phone – hold still for a moment – and let the app capture your note. Then save or share your note in a way you like.

A quick way to save or share your note is to tick a Quick Box on the paper with a pen. The app will find your instruction and automatically act on it either by instantly creating an e-mail or by sending it to your Dropbox or Evernote account.

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Ever since our start in 2008, we have been fortunate enough to join up with some of the best brands on the planet. We try to form exclusive partnerships with the top names in every industry that we enter.

Google Certified Agency

The Google Developer Agency Program was announced in 2016 and we are proud to be in the first batch of certified Scandinavian agencies.


We invest heavily in R&D and reusable components, mostly within computer vision and sensor integration. We license our libraries to our partner brands, and use them to create state-of-the-art user experiences.


Rock solid foundation for apps.


Know your customer.


Your layer on top of the world.


Computer vision algorithms.


Read bar codes effortlessly.


Read text in video or images.


Translate apps easily.