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Bontouch News & Insights is the place where we share our latests company highlights and talk about the things we learn and want to share with others in our field. From new development trends to design methods, and all the way to fun side-projects, have a look and see what we’re talking about inside the walls of the Bontouch studios.

Bontouch and Shape Join Forces to Revolutionize the Digital Product Agency Landscape

The premier digital product agencies in the Nordics—Bontouch in Sweden and Shape in Denmark—are uniting on a mission to build the leading international digital product agency and top strategic partner for brands that want to have the best customer experience in their industry. The two companies are partnering with Waterland Private Equity to help fund and realize their ambitious vision.

Lessons Learned: Our Experience Presenting at a Major Tech Conference for the First Time

In recent years, we have at Bontouch started sharing more of our learnings externally – for example through this blog, and also by taking part in public events like meetups and conferences. Our employees Filip, Robert, Anders, and Carlo share their experiences and lessons learned from holding technical talks at major conferences for the first time.

Wild beasts and how to tame them; how we structure large projects in Figma

Design, as a profession, is constantly changing. We face new challenges and develop new methods, processes, and perspectives to tackle these challenges. New technologies emerge, which open new doors with new opportunities. The tools we rely on to do our job are also changing. This is how we adopted Figma as our tool of choice.

CES, digital health and the things that Matter in 2023

Together with our partners, the team at Bontouch had the opportunity to visit CES 2023 in Las Vegas earlier this January. While there, we spotted some key trends we want to share in case you're curious about the future of smart home tech and digital health. And don't worry if you have yet to hear of the latest trends; we'll guide you through it all.

Last minute gift ideas for your product team

If you're looking for the perfect last-minute gifts for a designer, software engineer, QA, or product manager, look no further – we've got you covered with a list of great books for you to give to your colleagues.

BonWeekly Highlights #2 – Fall 2022

Starting out simple, but with big ambitions, BonWeekly was my way of sharing inspiration at Bontouch during the pandemic, when everyone worked from home. But what's the use if we only keep these tidbits, cool links and great reads to ourselves? We're sharing the very best of what's been posted through our BonWeeklys, and are passing it along to you.

Redesigning the PostNord App Icons

PostNord had a significant rebranding at the beginning of 2021 and building on the rebranding work and adapting it to the digital environment, we updated all the apps to follow the new brand and design language. This is how we did it.

BonWeekly Highlights #1 – Summer 2022

Starting out as a daily, small linkpack with things Jozsef found nice on the internet during the pandemic, BonWeekly is now our weekly source of inspiration sent through Slack, shared through our blog as a monthly best-of collection.

Using Custom Fonts in a Swift Package

Wouldn’t it be convenient if instead of spreading things out over multiple font files and googling exactly what we’re supposed to put in the .plist for the umpteenth time, we could just keep everything in one place, as a reusable Swift package?